Rules for Progressive Doubles Play


Reporting Scores:

Each player will play a total of 24 games (8 games with each player in your foursome).  Your score is the number of games you win (One point per game.) Games will be played with no add scoring.


Captains will be required to e-mail their 1st & 2nd place winners & score sheet to the League Director as soon as the session ends.  The first & second place winners receive gift certificates.


NEW Sub Rules:

If you are unable to play your league match, it is your responsibility to find a sub and inform your league captain of the name and phone number of your sub before the scheduled match.

The first time a player has a sub, they will earn the actual points the sub achieves up to 12 points. The 2nd and any other times a player uses a sub, they will earn the actual points the sub achieves up to 10 points. If you have a sub more than once in a league session, you are not eligible for an award.

In case of a tie, the player using fewer subs will have the better score. If you forfeit a match, you will not be eligible to win an award. A match may not be rescheduled for any reason, with the exception of inclement weather, without the consent of the league director.