Rules for Singles Play


CTA singles scoring system: 

3 points will be awarded for each match.  A player winning the first 2 sets would get 3 points; the loser would get 0 points.  If the match goes to 3 sets, the winner gets 2 points and the loser gets 1 point.  Games are played with no add scoring. It is possible to have winners who lost a few matches but received the most points because they played all of their matches.  The tie breaker is head-to-head.

In no-add scoring, the receiver decides which service court (add or deuce court) to receive the serve when the score reaches deuce.


CTA singles sub rules:

If you cannot play, for any reason, it is your responsibility to obtain a substitute and inform your captain of the name and phone number of your sub before the scheduled match. If you have a sub more than once in a league session, you are not eligible for an award.


CTA Sub Scoring:

The sub is eligible to earn up to a maximum of 1 point regardless of the number of sets won. If the sub does not win any sets, they will receive 0 points.  If the sub wins 1 or 2 sets, they will receive 1 point.

When you’re playing against a sub, the league player will earn a minimum of 1 point regardless of the match score. If the league player wins against the sub in straight sets, the league player will receive 3 points.  If the league player wins against the sub in 3 sets, the league player will receive 2 points.  If the league player loses against the sub in either 2 or 3 sets, the league player is still awarded 1 point.


CTA Forfeit rule:

If you, or your sub, fail to show up for a match, your score is zero and your opponent gets 3 points. By forfeiting any match within the session, you are not eligible for an award.


CTA Rescheduling:

Captains and/or the league director may reschedule matches in cases of inclement weather.

If a player is unable to play their match on the scheduled date, they may ask their opponent if they would be willing to make up the match on another date. If the opponent prefers to play on the originally scheduled date, the first player needs to find a substitute. This make-up date must be agreed upon by both players.  The player requesting the alternate date needs to notify the captain prior to the scheduled match. “Failure to do so results in a forfeit” The player rescheduling will be responsible for court reservations, all fees incurred, and sending the captain the scores once the match has been completed.  The scores from the make-up match need to be reported to the captain before midnight on the Saturday of the rainout week for that session. If the scores are not turned into the league captain by the deadline, the player who rescheduled gets a forfeit, and the opponent gets 3 points.  These rescheduled matches must be made up & scores reported before midnight of the rain out deadline.  If you reschedule more than once in a league session, you are not eligible for an award.  Please arrange for subs if you need to reschedule more than one match.


CTA Score Reporting:

Captains will be required to email their 1st and 2nd place winners & score sheet to the League Director at the end of the session. First place & second place winners receive gift cards.  If a match results have not been received by the captain, by the deadline, the captain is to record a forfeit score of zero (0) for both players unless the match had been rescheduled; in which case the captain is to record a forfeit score of 0 for the player responsible for the reschedule and a score of 3 for the other player.