General Rules

Play will be governed by the rules of the USTA and basic rules of tennis etiquette. The following are simplified directions for some of the most abused rules and points of etiquette:

  1. A ball is called in if any part of the ball lands on the line. If you cannot call the ball out immediately then the ball is presumed good.
  2. A player loses the point if he/she catches or touches the ball before it bounces…even if it is obviously going to be out.
  3. Never walk near or behind a court when it is occupied. You may ask quietly and courteously when there is not a point in play.
  4. It is the responsibility of the players on the court to call a let should a ball interfere or roll onto their court during play. It is too late to call a let after the point is over.
  5. A “carry” is now legal but not a double hit.
  6. If you are unable to complete a match due to court conditions, it must be finished as soon as possible starting from the point at which it was interrupted.
  7. If you fail to show up at you designated time…after 15 minutes a forfeit will be claimed.
  8. No children, no pets, no visitors on the courts during league matches.
  9. Please report all abuse of the courts (i.e. roller skating, bike riding, etc.) to the police when you notice it. Only playing tennis in tennis shoes may be on the courts.

Please consult the official code of conduct for more information.

Tie-Break Rules 

A Coman Tiebreaker will be used  for all tiebreaks. The Coman tiebreak procedure is identical to the regular tiebreak procedure except that the players change ends after the first point and then after every four points, and at the conclusion of the tiebreak.

First and second set tiebreaker: 

Play a seven (7) point tiebreaker, switching at every four points. When beginning the tiebreaker, service begins on the deuce court. The first server in a tie break only serves for one point, then the players change ends. Then service moves to the next player, who then serves 2 points beginning on the ad court.

If you started serving first in the last set, then your opponent begins the next set. Another way of stating this is that if your opponent served the last game before the tiebreaker, then he will also start serving in the next set.

Third Set tiebreaker:

A tiebreak can be used in lieu of a 3rd set when there is a time constraint based on the court reservation. If there is time available, a full 3rd set should be played.

First to win 10 points by 2, wins match.


The FIRST player whose serves shall serve the first point from the deuce court. After the first point, the players shall change ends and the following two points shall be served by the opponent(s) (in doubles, the player of the opposing team due to serve next) starting from the ad court. After this, each player/team shall serve alternately for two consecutive points (starting from the ad court).

Players shall change ends after every four points AND at the conclusion of the tie break game.

When changing ends during a tiebreak, players are not allowed a break; play is continuous.