League Play


A league week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Leagues typically schedule one match per week.  All fixed league schedules will be sent out to the players of that league by the Thursday before league play is to start.

The schedule also contains contact information for everyone in that league.  This is provided to assist you with any scheduling problems that might occur during a session.  It is explicitly against CTA policy to use member contact information for anything except scheduling problems.  See Code of Conduct for more details on this policy.

Scheduling conflicts

It is the responsibility of each player to arrange for subs, handle reschedules and contact the league captain prior to scheduled match.  Policies for each league may vary slightly.  Check the league schedule and website for all applicable details and rules.  If you or your sub fail to show for a scheduled match, you will forfeit the match and your score will be zero(0).  By forfeiting any match within the session you are ineligible for any awards. Multiple forfeited matches may be subject to additional consequences.

CTA reserves and pays for the courts for the entire league session. In the event of an allowable reschedule or make-up match, generally limited to singles or mixed doubles matches, it is the responsibility of the player(s) that have to reschedule to contact Oak Creek Tennis Center to check court availability and pay any court reservation necessary. CTA is not responsible for any court reservation fees other than those in the published league schedule.


How points are earned may vary by league since singles, doubles, mixed doubles and ladder doubles vary slightly in structure.  You may contact the league director or captain if you have questions.

Standard Scoring used by most leagues:

Each player receives one point for each set won. If you win in straight sets you receive three points and the loser receives none. If the match goes to three sets the loser gets one point and the winner gets two. If a player must forfeit, the opponent will get two points. If a player drops out of a league having played some matches, those results will not count. Disputes will be resolved by the league director whose decision is final.

The top two point earners will be the league winners. In the case of a tie, first place will be to the player who won the match in which those two played each other.

Rainouts/Cold Weather

We have allowed an extra week at the end of each session for rainouts. It is our experience that rain can stop play more than once during each league. We suggest you make up matches before the rainout week.

In the event of more than one rain-out/cold weather make-up, the League Captains will advise the League Director that the players are wanting to play an additional week and the League Director will confirm with Oak Creek Tennis Center the court availability. Not all leagues may be able to complete the scheduled seven weeks but we will do our best to have as many completed as weather permits.


The first and second place finishers in each league are offered the opportunity to move up to the next rated league, if a spot is open.  If a player is in two leagues of different levels, he/she may win a prize in the lower level league. If a player wins the upper level, he/she cannot win the lower level in the same session.


Gift cards are provided to First and Second place winner provided there are a minimum of 8 players/teams in the league. For fewer players/teams, only a First place gift card will be awarded. For example, Progressive Doubles league with only 4 players using one court would be awarded only a First Place award. For the Men’s Tuesday Ladder, a gift card is awarded for the number of courts in play. For example, if the Tuesday Ladder has 6 courts (24 players), a total of 6 gift cards will be awarded. After 90 days, we are not responsible for prizes that have not been redeemed.

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