CTA Payment Page

If you are new to Carrollton Tennis Association, please click here to sign the waiver before making any payments.


Oak Creek Tennis Center Leagues$26
Woodlake Court Leagues$20
Branch Hollow Court Leagues$20
Croft Court Leagues$20
Annual Dues$20

All fees, including delinquencies, must be paid on or before the first match of the session or there will be a $5.00 late fee assessed. 

If any fees are still due, your score will be zero each night until payment is received. After late payment is received, you will begin to receive your earned points going forward.

Payment options are:

Secure online payment using your
Debit card, Credit card or your Paypal account
(We no longer accept cash or checks)


CTA Payment Form

DO NOT ENTER DOLLAR AMOUNTS. Enter the number of leagues you are paying for at each location.

 Leagues Offered                                                 QTY
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Woodlake LeaguesQTY 
Croft LeaguesQTY 

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