Leagues Offered

To sign up contact:

  • Ladies and Mixed Doubles leagues director Linda Hudson
  • Men’s leagues director position is open

The following leagues are currently being offered:

Ladies Leagues
SinglesMonday4:00 PMWoodlake3.5
SinglesMonday6:00 PMWoodlake3.0-3.5
Progressive DoublesMonday6:30 PMMill Valley3.0-3.5
Fixed DoublesTuesday6:00 PMWoodlake3.5
Progressive DoublesTuesday6:30 PMBranch Hollow4.0
Progressive DoublesTuesday9:00 AMOak Creek3.5
Progressive DoublesWednesday6:00 PMWoodlake3.5
Progressive DoublesWednesday6:30 PMBranch Hollow3.0-3.5
Progressive DoublesSunday5:00 PMBranch Hollow3.0-3.5
Mixed Doubles Leagues
Fixed PartnerSunday6:30 PMOak Creek3.5-4.0
Men's Leagues
SinglesMonday8:00 PMWoodlake3.5
SinglesThursday8:00 PMMartha Pointer & Thomas Park4.0
SinglesThursday8:00 PMWoodlake4.5
Progressive DoublesMonday7:00 PMBranch Hollow4.0
Progressive DoublesTuesday8:00 PMWoodlake3.0-4.5 Ladder
Progressive DoublesWednesday8:00 PMWoodlake3.5
Progressive DoublesThursday6:00 PMBranch Hollow4.0
Progressive DoublesThursday8:00 PMBranch Hollow3.5
Fixed PartnerSaturday9:00 AMWoodlake3.5-4.0